It's showtime!

Our pick of the best things on OSN this October

It's showtime!

Storks deliver babies -- or at least they used to. Now, they deliver packages for a global internet retail gian Just like the Toy Story movies, Storks works on enough levels to satisfy everyone in the family. On a deeper level it's really about the perils of modern corporate madness, but on the surface it’s also just a tons-of-fun adventure in which our hero Junior (Andy Samberg) must deliver a baby before his boss finds out. Have it, ahem, delivered pronto.
Exclusively premiering on OSN Movies First HD Oct 13, 10pm.

Loud House
Don’t know about you, but in our house, Loud House is an almighty hit. A great family sitcom, it revolves around 11-year-old Lincoln Loud, who lives with his ten – yes, 10! – sisters and has to try and survive the madness that entails on a daily basis. Expect big laughs and a great young cast.
Nickelodeon HD, exclusively on OSN from Oct 28, 5.35pm.

Game Shakers
What would happen if you were two kids who invented an app for a seventh-grade project that, instead of just getting a good mark, actually went on to become a million-dollar hit? As it turns out in this smash US comedy, you would end up in partnership with a massive rapper and his son, and get in a whole ton of crazy trouble along the way…
On Nickelodeon HD, exclusively on OSN from Oct 8, 8.25pm.

Henry Danger
A huge hit for Nickelodeon and OSN, Henry Danger is the perfect blend of knockabout comedy and superhero antics, with brilliant chemistry at the heart of it. Cooper Barnes is adult superhero Captain Man, Jace Norman his teenage sidekick, Henry Hart. Between them they must take down bad guys and get out of endless daft scrapes. Genuine kid-comedy gold. New episodes start from
Oct 15, 7.10pm, Nickelodeon HD.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
A genuine pop culture phenomenon, those pizza-munching, sewer-dwelling heroes Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo are back for a brand new series, teaming up again with Splinter, April O’Neil and Casey Jones to take on the dastardly Splinter. Cowabunga, dudes!
Nicktoons, Sundays from Oct 8, 5.50pm and 1.40am.

Tangled: The Series
The world went rightly crazy this year for the empowering, female-led Wonder Woman, but there’s an argument that the original Tangled – with its punchy, no-nonsense heroine, Rapunzel – started that long-overdue trend towards hero-gender-equality. This new animated series is set between that original and the short film, Tangled Ever After.
Tangled Before Ever is on Oct 20, 4.30pm. Tangled: The Series starts from Oct 30 on the Disney Channel, at 4pm.

Descendants 2
The sequel to the super-smart Disney high-concept movie – starring the offspring of many of their most iconic characters – sees Maleficent’s daughter, Cruella de Vil’s son, the Fairy Godmother’s daughter, Captain Hook’s son and many more head out on another epic adventure. Rammed with in-jokes and action, Disneyphiles will adore it, and so with anyone else who likes a little meta-craziness.
Starts from Oct 6 on Disney Channel, at 4.30pm.

Vampires may not have always had the best press, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suffer the same trials and tribulations as the rest of us. This new animated show revolves around the life of the little girl of the title, who must deal with being the new kid in town (and school) when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania...
Disney Junior, from Oct 28 every Saturday and Sunday, 11am.

Puppy Dog Pals
“Life is always more exciting with your best friends by your side.” That’s the motto of canine best buds Bingo and Rolly, the thrill-seeking pups who go on a series of adventures around the world, in this show that teaches lessons about friendship, problem-solving and collaboration.
Disney Junior, from Oct 9, Monday-Friday, 6.25pm.

Sofia the First
Sofia is an ordinary little girl until her mum marries the king and she becomes Sofia the First. This brand new season of one of Disney Junior’s most enduring shows will see Princess Sofia and her friends on a whole host of new adventures beyond the walls of Enchancia. Genuine must-see TV for small kids, this is packed with easy to digest life skills and lessons. It's quite lovely, too.
On Disney Junior from Sept 30, every Saturday, 9am. The Mystic Isles special screens on Oct 28, 10.15am.

Guardians of the Galaxy
This animated series takes kids big and old on the further adventures of the heroes – that'll be Starlord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Draxx – from the smash blockbuster series. Packed with all the same wit and adrenaline as that box office behemoth, these new episodes also feature Loki, in a cool crossover from the Thor franchise, and big bad Thanos, who our heroes will next go up against when they join forces with the Avengers in next summer’s new movie, Avengers: Infinity War. Confused? Well, you best get prepping now then.
New episodes On Disney XD from Oct 7, 6.50am.

A genuinely adorable series for younger viewers, Mouk is a show with a distinct French flavour (it’s based on the work of the multiple-award-winning author and illustrator Marc Boutavant) that teaches kids how to play well with others. The little bear travels the world on his bike, making friends along the way. Think Pingu and you're not a million miles off.
OSN Kid Zone from Oct 6, 3.55pm.

Lucky Fred
The fortunate Fred of the title is a 13-year-old boy who, along with his extraordinary shape-shifting robot Friday, must help his neighbour, Braianna, save the world. (So it’s a good thing that she’s really Secret Agent Brains.) Mixing sci-fi with comedy, this has all of the wit of an old episode of Inspector Gadget but the sense of epic adventure of a classic sci-fi extravaganza.
OSN Kid Zone, from Oct 13, 1.05pm.

My Little Pony Season 2
Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and more must smooth over various bumps in their friendships, as well as learn from their mentor, Princess Celestia, in their home town of Ponyville. Things get considerably more tricky when Twilight discovers she is an integral part of the magical artifacts, The Elements of Harmony…
OSN Kid Zone, from Oct 25, 4.10pm.

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