November reigns

The knockout family hits keep on coming on OSN this month


Smurfs: The Lost Village

Now back to being 100 percent cartoon (so long, Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry – you were fun while you lasted), this third blockbuster instalment in the reignited Smurfs franchise returns to their blue roots. But while the visuals are classic animated gold, the new top-drawer cast, including The Office’s Rainn Wilson and Homeland’s Mandy Patinkin, bring tons of smart laughs for grown-ups too. This is a cracking adventure movie for all the family, in which a mysterious map leads to the biggest secret in Smurf history.
OSN Movies First HD this December

Hotel Transylvania Season 1 Premiere
Perfectly timed to smooth over any post-Halloween lulls, this season premiere is an essential TV appointment. Five years and three smash-hit movies ago Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Andy Samberg and Selena Gomez lent their considerable voice talents to the feature film centred around Dracula’s high-end resort for spooks away from the human world. Now, it’s the turn of Dracula’s daughter, Mavis, and her pals Hank N Stein and Pedro and Wendy Blob (see what they did there?), to show the old folks how it’s really done, in this fast-paced, funny new series.
Disney Channel HD, 18.45, Nov 13

Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 Launch

We're just one month away from the most anticipated Star Wars movie ever – The Last Jedi – hitting the big screen. So, if you need something to tide you over when it comes to all things Force-related, or just want to do your homework so you’re up to speed, consider Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures your first port of call. This season continues to follow the Freemakers, a family of scavengers who used to build and sell starships all throughout the galaxy, before their youngest discovered The Kyber Saber, sending them on an epic journey.
Disney XD, 16.55, Nov 20

Franny’s Feet

Remember Mr Benn? If you don’t, go Google it right now, because you’re in for a treat. If you do, then well done – you’ve experienced one of the greatest kids’ TV shows ever. Why are we banging on about all of this? Because Franny’s Feet treads a very similar path. Where Mr Benn saw him visit a mysterious costume shop and get transported on a new adventure, Franny’s Feet is about a five year-old girl who tries on different pairs of shoes in her grandfather’s shoe repair shop and is whisked off to wherever they came from. Fun and packed with valuable life-lessons.
OSN Kidzone, 11.50, from Nov 10

The Lion Guard Season 2 Launch

Yes, it’s true, the man who made the recent live-action version of The Jungle Book (Jon Favreau) is now directing a live-action version of The Lion King. If that depresses you, we have two things to say: 1. The legend who was the voice of Mufasa in the original, James Earl Jones, is back again; and, 2. If you’re in any doubt over The Lion King’s spin-off capabilities then check this, its ace TV series. In it, Kion, the son of Simba, and his friends The Lion Guard, protect the Pride Lands.
Disney Junior, 13.00, every Sat from Nov 25

I Am Frankie

Someone sound the Brand New Show Alert! I Am Frankie arrives this month and it bears all the same smart, hilarious hallmarks as Nickelodeon’s similarly high-concept ace, Henry Danger. Here, newcomer Alex Hook plays Frankie Gaines. On the surface, she’s a typical teenager. But under the skin she has a big secret, and that would be, well, that her skin isn’t real. Frankie, you see, is a cutting edge android, on the run from the evil company who made her, while navigating all of your classic high school dilemmas. Brilliant.
Nickelodeon HD, 18.25, Sun-Thu, from Nov 19

Nella the Princess Knight

Back in the day, princesses in stories tended to just sit around waiting to be rescued by the dashing knight. And that’s precisely what makes this so priceless. Nella isn’t just a beautiful princess, she’s one who also transforms into a heroic knight. Instead of needing anyone to save her, Nella instead saves the citizens of her parents’ kingdom, with the help of her friends Trinket, Sir Garrett and Clod. Together they embark on quests, solve mysteries and have tons of fun.
Nick Jr., 20.50, Sun-Thu

Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks

The world’s most famous chipmunks (to be fair, they don’t have much competition) are back, and this time they’re looking better than ever. Alvin, Simon and Theodore, aka The Daft Leader One, The Super-Smart One and The Young But Wise One, have actually been around since 1958, when they were invented as the front for a novelty record, but now, after a run of hit movies, they get a CGI sheen for this new show. As always, they are rock stars, touring with their friends The Chipettes, nailing top tracks in-between zany scrapes.
NickToons, 18.45 and 23.15, Mon-Fri, from Nov 6

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