Listen up!

A bespoke and brilliant new radio show, made by the kids for the kids, is about to become your young ones’ favourite new wind-down

Listen up!

Whether, like us, you were one of those poor kids subjected to endless sporting commentary pumping through the car stereo speakers on long journeys, or – even worse – had to sit and listen to The Archers omnibus on a weekend, we have some very good news for you indeed. Not only is the medium of radio cooler now than ever before, it’s also catering for the younger generation, keeping them engaged and entertained without being glued to a screen.

Pearl FM, the UAE’s only radio station for children, has launched The Kids Club show, a two-hour entertainment extravaganza that airs once a week with three re-runs over the weekend. It’s packed with top talking points across a number of topics to engage young brains such as family, cool travel, cartoons and celebrating the love of giving. But that’s not even the best bit.

That best bit would be that alongside main hosts Aashna Takhtani and Mishal Faraz, the presenting line-up is rounded off by six actual kids: Mohammad Fahad Moawaad, Oscar Mairet, Irra Bhattacharjee, Yara McDonald, Sana Pruthu Shah and Magnus Tang. “The station is keen on providing media training to children and in nurturing their talents by providing them with a platform through which they can develop their self-expression skills,” says Adel Omar, senior special project and media director at AJCCC.

With that objective in mind, the Pearl FM creative team have trained up this awesome half-dozen in presenting, production, directing and editing. The result is a show made for kids, by kids. It’s also hosted by a great mix of Arab and non-Arab children, adding to its inclusivity and positivity.

“The children are loyal listeners to Pearl FM and have regularly taken part in our shows,” says Omar of their casting process. “They frequently visit the station and we noticed they had potential talent which could be developed. Children are an integral part of society and the foundation for our future, which is why we consider it our duty to prepare them [via the training programme] to have a positive impact on the future.”
As manifestos go, that’s one we are wholeheartedy behind. Tune in.
The Kids Club airs on Pearl FM 10am or 5pm Fri and 5pm Sat.

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