Does your child need to see an orthopaedic surgeon?

Doctor urges mums to look out for the simplest of signs

Does your child need to see an orthopaedic surgeon?

How and when exactly would you know when your child needs to see an orthopaedic surgeon?

Dr Gerald Zimmermann, orthopaedic surgeon and head of the Orthopaedic Department at Heidelberg University, Germany, says it’s whenever there’s any problem with the bones, joints, muscles, or ligaments.

“Your child will need to see a doctor whenever there are fractures, infections, arthritis, limping, significant knock knee or in-toeing, hip conditions, or abnormalities including scoliosis, club foot, and uneven leg length,” Dr Zimmerman adds.

Treating childhood musculoskeletal problems can range from simple observation and reassurance, to more involved treatments which include orthotics braces, splints and supports, and even surgery.

Before going to an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Zimmerman advises the following:

• Talk with your GP about why your child needs to see an orthopaedic surgeon and whether there’s anything you can do while you’re waiting for the appointment.

• How long will it be before you can get an appointment? It might take you more than one phone call.

• Check whether you’re covered as the consultation may be expensive.

• Find out where you can see the orthopaedic surgeon. Since they’re not available at all hospitals and clinics, you may need to travel further than you expect, depending on your child’s needs.

It’s a good idea to write down any questions you have so you don’t forget, as there may be a lot you need to know about regarding your child’s condition.

When it comes to children’s health, seeing the right specialist makes all the difference.
Dr Zimmerman will be available at the German Medical Center until Mon Feb 19. German Medical Center, Ibn Sina Building 27, Block B, Clinic 302 & 404, Dubai Healthcare City (04 432 29 89).

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