UAE parents not getting enough sleep, survey says

Kids top list of reasons why respondents were missing out on sleep

UAE parents not getting enough sleep, survey says

Are you sleep deprived? Apparently, you’re not alone.

A survey conducted by home furnishing retailer IKEA has found that UAE residents are longing for more sleep, despite getting an average of seven hours a night.

While work stress, kids and technology were found to be primary reasons behind the sleep deficit, 48 percent of respondents said they would give up social media for an extra hour in bed each day, with nearly one in four saying they would give up their own partner!

The effects of technology reflected badly on residents’ sleeping patterns, with half of the respondents admitting that they look at their phone before they speak to their partner in the morning.

An average 60 percent will look at an electronic device within five minutes of waking up.

Despite getting the required amount of sleep each night, nearly half wake up regularly during the night.

The poll also revealed that one in three believe they miss out on many hours of sleep and, if they could, would take back an equivalent of two and a half weeks’ worth of sleep a year.

Bedtime rituals varied greatly from person-to-person, from reading (17 percent) and meditation (18 percent), to music (14 percent) and showering (six percent), but nearly a third don’t have any ritual to help them nod off.

Despite the lack of rituals, the home retailer has found that bedroom environment and furniture were major contributors to a good night’s sleep.

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