Prep kids for future jobs, says Ministry of Finance

HE Younis Haji Al-Khoori speaks exclusively to Time Out UAE Kids

Prep kids for future jobs, says Ministry of Finance

The future is already here, and the UAE is certainly keeping up. HE Younis Haji Al-Khoori, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance (MoF), speaks exclusively to Time Out UAE Kids ahead of Innovation Playground.

The event, hosted by the MoF in collaboration with Cartoon Network, will take place from Friday February 23 to Saturday February 24, at Rise Dubai Creek Harbour.

At Innovation Playground, children will attend workshops where they can build their own robots and artificially-intelligent (AI) cartoon characters and enjoy activities including face painting and colouring.

Why do you believe it’s important to instil innovative thinking from a young age?

Innovation is closely linked to leadership, creativity and entrepreneurship.

By encouraging innovative thinking from a young age, we believe that children are more likely to be inspired to think outside of the box which may eventually turn into a successful business idea. These new business ideas could provide an array of new jobs and, in turn, boost the UAE’s future economy.

Through innovative thinking, young people are able to realise that they have the power to create a whole new market of new and exciting opportunities rather than be a part of an existing one.

We believe that inspiring the next generation will accelerate the UAE’s innovation story and, as a result, strengthen the country’s position as a global hub for innovation.

By enhancing the development of innovative ideas and capabilities. We’ll be able to create a widespread culture of innovation from grassroots level and up.

Why is it important to prepare children for the future of work and the necessary skills required for this?

The future of work is evolving at a rapid pace – especially with new and continuous technology advancements. A lot of these new skill requirements are closely linked to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.

It’s crucial to prepare children for the next generation of jobs in order to provide them with the greatest opportunity to succeed, achieve a happy and prosperous workforce and contribute towards positioning the country at the forefront of innovation.
Free. Fri Feb 23 to Sat Feb 24, noon-10pm. Innovation Playground, Rise Dubai Creek Harbour.

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