When I grow up, I want to be an... All around performer

Kids always dream big, and Issy Simpson has a few tricks up her sleeves. All we can say is, it was a “yes” from Simon Cowell and she gets our vote, too


Getting into showbiz is no easy task and the life of a child star performer is anything but simple. However, when it comes to pursuing her passion, Issy Simpson has never shied away.

The Britain’s Got Talent 2017 finalist is just eight years old and has performed for thousands of spectators all over the world. The pint-sized magician impressed judges on the UK TV show with her passion for tricks inspired by her grandfather, who was a professional illusionist.

“We work out the magic together and he’s my biggest inspiration,” Simpson tells us.

“I think I was born to do magic because of him. And I’ve also always loved watching David Copperfield.”

In January, the young magician took to the Marina Mall Abu Dhabi stage, which welcomed the international stars of TV’s most popular talent show to the capital for seven days of amazing, fun-filled performances. The Got Talent Live show saw winners or runners-up from previous series of the TV show, including Simpson, perform some of their most-watched acts.

As if impressing Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell wasn’t scary enough, last summer, Simpson also performed in front of 20,000 people at Blackpool Illuminations Switch On 2017 – a huge light show. Describing it as “mind-blowing”, the young star’s success is down to much more than pulling rabbits out of hats. She’s already recorded a prime-time TV show for NBC in Hollywood. Details are still to be announced, but the show is due to air this month. And she’s making plans to visit the UAE again for one of its popular family summer fests.
“I’d LOVE to come back to the UAE. I heard there’s a really big family summer festival every year and to perform at it would be amazing!”

Despite her success, Simpson remains humble and grateful. “My family and friends help me out with everything. I’m very lucky,” she says. “My friends all love magic now and some of them have even taken it up after watching me do it on TV. It’s such a fun and cool hobby.”

When it comes to inspiration, Simpson’s favourite acts involve far more than stage magicians. There are two “Harrys” that she’s particularly fond of. “I love Harry Potter and, after Britain’s Got Talent, I’ve started working with the same management team as Daniel Radcliffe, which blows my mind. I also love Harry Styles,” she says.

But Simpson’s forward-thinking approach to her talent is multidirectional. Rather than focusing on magic or a certain type of performance, she dreams of becoming a magician, a comedian, an author, and an actress. And while she may know how to entertain thousands, her favourite trick involves just one rather difficult judge. “My favourite trick that I do is the one that made Simon lose all his strength,” she giggles.

Want to become a magician too? Simpson recommends visiting your local library. Yes, even the most fun jobs involve at least some degree of reading and knowledge. “Look at magic books there. It’s the best thing to do. After you learn some tricks, seeing the amazement on everyone’s faces will make you smile so much.”

With all of this achievement so early on, it’s exciting to imagine what Simpson will be able to do by the time she’s in her 20s. But for now, when it comes to a good performance, she has far more than one trick up her sleeve and we can’t wait to see her pull them all off.

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