Kid Confidential

Mirdif trio Elizabeth (seven), Christopher (five) and Georgina Scott-Laws (four) tell <em>Time Out</em> Kids about swimming with sharks and glamorous trips to Paris with grandma

How do you like living in Dubai?
Elizabeth: It’s too hot! I like Dubai in the winter better.
Christopher: We like living with our grandma. She lives in England.
Georgina: We went in an aeroplane and then we met her.
Christopher: There’s more rain in England.

Where are you favourite places to go in Dubai?
Christopher: China Club. I like the food there.
Elizabeth: I like going to City Centre.
Christopher: She likes the food there. I like watching loads of movies.
Elizabeth: I like watching cartoons. But not every day.
(At this point, Georgina picks up a DVD cover and a little scuffle with Christopher ensues.)
Elizabeth: They always fight.
(Minor scuffle is settled.)
Christopher: We saw a movie.

Which movie was that?
Christopher: I don’t know.

What did you do in school today?
Georgina: We had swimming.
Christopher: I had PE. We played a game where Mrs Garrett (the teacher, we presume) threw the ball and I had to catch it and put it in a box.
Georgina: I can swim with sharks!
Elizabeth: No she can’t! She can’t even swim!

Do you all like swimming?
All: Yeah!
Elizabeth: I don’t like getting my hair wet. But I like to swim.

What do you like studying at school?
Christopher: I like maths.
Elizabeth: I like doing crosswords.
Georgina: I like doing handstands!

Why do you like doing crosswords?
Elizabeth: I like to find words and their meanings. I like looking up words.
Christopher: I like playing badminton.

Do you know where you’re going for your summer holidays?
Elizabeth: I’m going to Paris.
Christopher: She went one time, now she’s going a second time. With grandma.
Elizabeth: My brother and sister didn’t go to Paris. Only I did.

Do you think you’re lucky?
Elizabeth: Yes! I went to Paris on a train. All the way from England. I don’t like travelling by train because the tunnel’s so big and long and it took a long time to get to Paris and I had a tummy ache.
Christopher: I like going in aeroplanes. I like to play games and watch movies on the plane. It’s fun.
Elizabeth: Will I be famous?

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