Natural or caesarean?

A Dubai gynaecologist debunks pregnancy and delivery myths

Natural or caesarean?

Whether it’s your first pregnancy, or you’ve had kids before, one of the most common issues women think about when it comes to childbirth is the delivery method.

Choosing between natural and caesarean is something every woman will do upon consulting her doctor, but a Dubai gynaecologist is determined to separate fact from fiction.

“It’s common practise for specialists in the region to offer elective caesarean sections as the sole option for delivery,” says Dr Amaya Carreras, obstetrician and gynaecologist at the German Medical Center.

“Recovery from a natural delivery is usually faster and comes with lower risks,” she adds.

In contrast, a caesarean section involves surgical risks in addition to those that are associated with childbirth.

After two caesarean sections, it’s advised not to attempt a natural delivery. Therefore, a third delivery will end up being an elective caesarean section.

“It’s ideal to attempt natural birth for most women, but delivery methods are entirely case-based,” explains Dr Carreras. “We must not forget that doctors are still trying to find enough scientific evidence to prove whether it’s ‘healthy’ for women’s pelvic floor to deliver through caesarean rather than naturally.”

Symptoms to bear in mind during the last trimester of pregnancy include bleeding, regular contractions every three to five minutes, no foetal movements for more than one hour, and the rupture of the bag of water.

“In all of these cases, it’s advisable to go to the emergency room in order to be examined,” says Dr Carreras.

Wishing you a safe pregnancy and delivery mamas!
German Medical Center, Ibn Sina Building 27, Block B, Clinic 302 & 404, Dubai Healthcare City (04 432 29 89).

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