School exam dates announced for the UAE

Parents and teachers in Dubai should take note

School exam dates announced for the UAE

If you’re a parent who has booked holidays for the summer, read on carefully.

This year’s school exam dates have been released and the tests are running a little later than usual.

The last exam falls on June 27, and it has been reported that some parents are now rescheduling flights to accommodate the unexpected timing of the curriculum.

The third term exams apply to students in Grades 1 to 12 of public and private schools following the Ministry of Education curriculum – which usually holds its final exams in May.

The changes are part of a proposed shake-up by the ministry to the 2017/18 academic year for schools across the county.

The exams for six dedicated subjects including Islamic Education, General Science, Health Science, Social Studies, Arabic and English will take place from May 20 and will conclude on June 12.

For all remaining subjects, exams will resume on June 20 and finish on June 27, although final exam dates will vary depending on what grade the student is in and what module he/she is sitting out of general, elite or advanced levels.

Students in Grades 1-9 taking general modules will conclude their exams on June 25 and those in Grades 10-12 will finish on June 26, while students in Grades 6-8 taking elite modules will finish their third term exams on June 25.

For Grade 9 students, the final day of exams will be June 27 and those taking advanced modules in Grade 10 will finish on June 26.

Those taking the same in Grades 11-12 will finish on June 27, by which point we are sure there’ll be sighs of relief all round.
May 20-June 17. For more information go to

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