Dubai Ice Rink launches new racing bikes

IceBykes available for hire at popular family destination

Dubai Ice Rink launches new racing bikes

Long gone are weekends of endless skating across the Dubai Ice Rink.

The Dubai Mall’s family attraction has introduced a cool new experience: IceBykes.

Families can now race across the ice safely, away from skaters in a dedicated area of the rink.

You can rent the new bikes, which resemble tricycles, for 30-minute sessions and the cost includes the hire of safety gear too.

Gather friends and family and be among the first to try IceBykes at Dubai Ice Rink and see who will be the ultimate racing champion!

Remember, the experience is suitable for adults and children over 120cm tall.

You’re also required to wear trousers and sports shoes; no long or hanging clothing in the rink!

While you’re there, you can also sign up for their skating classes, available for kids aged three years and up.

Tots can start with fun ways to start skating, gaining confidence, balancing, marching, and doing basic beginner manoeuvres.

Kids aged six and over can move on to more advanced training: gliding, forward stroking, backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, three turns and mohawks.

By the final level, little ones would have learnt basic, professional hockey, and power skating, in addition to stick handling and puck control (using soft pucks).

They also throw birthday parties and hold regular school visits.

Cycling and skating showdown ahead!
Dhs80 (per person, per session), Sun-Tue 6.45pm-8.45pm, Wed 7.45pm-9.15pm, Thu-Sat 6.45pm-8.15pm. Dubai Ice Rink, The Dubai Mall (04 448 5111).

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