Marnie’s World

How far can a house cat go when on an adventure that’s beyond her wildest dreams, accompanied by three super-crazy animals?


Move over Garfield, a new chubby orange cat is taking over the big screen now. Innocent, naive and soft-spoken Marnie has always been a house cat, with as much knowledge of the real world as, well, she actually has no idea. She was never allowed to leave the house!

Marnie’s abode is the Sonnenschein family home, a place where Rosalind takes care of the furry feline as if she were a member of the family. The only problem is, Rosalind’s brother Paul can’t stand the spoiled cat. Keen on an adventurous offer from the seemingly kind, but very evil-looking sibling, Marnie hops into a box and onto a journey promised by Paul. Rosalind’s brother abandons the cat at a rural gas station and she finds herself the leader of a rather funny pack. Marnie, a leader, but how?

Her three animal oddball pals are nothing to brag about: there’s Elvis, a loud-mouthed, very cowardly dog, a rather neurotic rooster named Eggbert and Anthony, a donkey who seeks zebra fame by walking the walk and talking the talk – actually, just wearing a costume. Talk about a bunch of crazy antiheroes...

Mistaken for the local thieves, they join forces and go on a mission to regain their honour.

The bittersweet part of the story is Marnie’s belief that, in reality, she’s a bewitched human child. Where she got that from, nobody knows.

Loosely based on The Bremen Town Musicians, Marnie’s story is that of an unknowing pet, suddenly thrust into the unexpected by her owner’s scheming brother, and slowly unfolds into a tale on finding oneself, friendship and the wonders of what is yet to come in a funny, heartwarming series of events – we can’t wait to find out how it all turns out.

Director: Christoph Lauenstein
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