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We caught up with young holidaymaker Rebecca Hope (11) from Manchester, on an Easter trip to Dubai to visit her granddad, Bob Davis


What do you think of Dubai?
The weather’s hot and there are lots of buildings. It reminds me of New York a bit – I like it.

Have you ever visited before?
No, this is my first visit. I just didn’t think there would be this many buildings, I thought it would be more sandy, like a desert.

Where’s your favourite place that you’ve been so far?
Aquaventure. I can’t remember why.

Did you have to look after your granddad on the scary slides?
No, he was quite cool and calm, but my auntie screamed. We didn’t go on the straight drop one, though.

What do you think is the most interesting thing about Dubai?
Seeing the Arab people dressed in their traditional clothes. I’d seen pictures and stuff before but it’s weird seeing it in real life.

Where do you prefer on the whole – England or Dubai?
[Frowns, thinking.] Um… Um… Probably Dubai, because of the weather, and I like the seaside and beaches.

What are your hobbies at home?
I like netball and swimming. I quite like cross country too, but it would be too hot for that here! [Granddad later tells us that Rebecca’s also a football pro, having been awarded lady of the match with her girls’ team and man of the match with her mixed team, both on the same day!].

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I’m not sure yet. I’d quite like to be… hmm… somebody who studies nature and stuff like that. That’d be good.

Does your granddad let you get away with anything that your mum wouldn’t?
Yeah! Like my parents wouldn’t let me eat a couple of sweets – but granddad does. He lets me stay up late, too, ’til like 10 o’clock.

Did you travel here by yourself?
No, I came with my auntie, but I did fly from England [we think she means Manchester] to London on my own.

Was that scary?
No, I’ve done it before because my godparents live in Jersey. It’s exciting.

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