Children's parties in Dubai

<em>Time Out</em> meets the brains behing wacky children's party organisers Mad Science

When your little tyke has outgrown balloons and Barney, it can be tricky coming up with an imaginative birthday party – particularly for boys – that ticks all the boxes. Cowboy parties are old hat and pirate parties can go down like dead parrots – so thank goodness for Mad Science. While the nutty professor types behind it have a very serious side (they’re real keen beans when it comes to promoting all things scientific), their party creations are an absolute blast – quite literally.

‘Children are born scientists: they are naturally curious about the world around them, and learn through hands-on experimentation,’ says Najat Farah, director of Mad Science in Dubai. Encouraging such natural nosiness with chemicals and Bunsen burners may not be wise in your own home, but, fear not: the folks at Mad Science are experts.

First of all, a real ‘mad scientist’ arrives in a white lab-coat, unpacking boxes of fascinating contraptions, buckets, tools and ice chests. After the obligatory safety spiel, there are experiments and gadgets galore which are capable of drawing even the shyest children into the milieu. Ranging from chemical reactions involving lots of smoke and foam and bubbling solutions, to creating vacuums and ‘magic’ tricks and marvelling at the power of static electricity – they’re all accompanied by impressive plumes of smoke, foaming solutions and brightly coloured potions in funny-shaped glass jars. One experiment after the other keeps the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ coming, and then the kids get to make their own concoctions, creating slippery slime, Mad Science Putty and super bouncy balls.

Mad Science brings all the scientific paraphernalia to your home (and, thankfully, takes it away again), and guarantees the event will be hassle-free and no-mess. The activities run for one hour, and are suitable for children between three and 12-years-old. To save you from having to deal with too many party organisers, they can also supply add-ons like candy floss machines, party favours and, er, rocket launchers.

The ready-to-go goody bags are, of course, science-themed, packed with Helix flyers, spy pens, clinging polymer and Mad Science tattoos among other things. A party costs on average Dhs900, and goody bags are Dhs30 each. Mad Science also runs special science themed after-school workshops and kids’ camps during the school holidays.

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