Dubai Ice Rink

One of the coolest days out in the desert for all ages and ability

When the temperature outside gets a bit too much, there’s only one way to make sure things cool down, right down. Head inside The Dubai Mall and you’ll find an Olympic-sized ice rink teeming with skaters of all ages and ability.

The Dubai Ice Rink is open every day of the week, with a choice of sessions.

For those who just prefer to strap on some skates and go, there are public sessions. For the experienced (and the inexperienced), there are coaching classes run by dedicated tutors. Or, if you’re sure you have the coolest moves on ice, you can prove it at the disco sessions as a DJ spins hip-hop, dance and pop tracks.

Kids aged three and above can take part in 30-minute skating sessions along with an hour of practise time. Littler riders can hold onto a penguin buddy for stability. Plus, it’s the only rink in the UAE where you’ll find IceBykes: a tricycle with two skates at the back and a large wheel at the front. Probably one of the most unusual, incredibly fun ways you’ll find to glide around.


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