Jumeirah International Nurseries

Curriculum: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Age range: Six weeks to four years.

Nursery opening hours: Sun-Thu 7.30am-6pm.

Prices per term: 7.30am-8am: Dhs440 (two days), Dhs600 (three days), Dhs720 (four days), Dhs800 (five days); 8am-1pm: Dhs9,550 (two days), Dhs10,850 (three days), Dhs12,150 (four days), Dhs13,250 (five days); 8am-2pm: Dhs10,240 (two days), Dhs11,790 (three days), Dhs13,275 (four days), Dhs14,500 (five days); 8am-3pm: Dhs10,735 (two days), Dhs12,464 (three days), Dhs14,084 (four days), Dhs15,400 (five days); 8am-4pm: Dhs11,230 (two days), Dhs13,140 (three days), Dhs14,895 (four days), Dhs16,300 (five days); 8am-5pm: Dhs11,505 (two days), Dhs13,514 (three days), Dhs15,344 (four days), Dhs16,800 (five days); 8am-6pm: Dhs12,165 (two days), Dhs14,414 (three days), Dhs16,424 (four days), Dhs18,000 (five days).

Discounts: The nursery offers a five percent siblings discount for the second and third children in a family. Parents who successfully refer the nursery to other parents receive a ten percent discount on term one tuition fees or a voucher valued at Dhs1,200, which can be used for after care, a holiday camp and a Zig Zag
Zoom Party.

Additional fees: Dhs500 administration fee, Dhs500 medical fee, Dhs2,000 deposit (to be deducted from first term fees).

How to apply: In person or online.

Facilities: Outdoor areas such as grassed zones with ‘get active sessions’, a play zone with a range of climbing apparatus, indoor and outdoor sand and water play areas and physical activity zones in all classrooms. The nursery also provides a library, interactive and multi-purpose zones and the Zig Zag Zoom indoor edutainment centre, which offers a role play area that is regularly transformed into various activity zones.

Food/drink: Nursery food menu is provided. Contact the nursery for details.


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