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On the bounce

Did you know that, ‘of all the different aerobic exercises, jumping on a rebound unit is one of the most efficient forms of exercise devised by man?’ Neither did we, until Modhesh World’s latest press release bounced into our inbox recently. We also didn’t know what a ‘rebound unit’ was – until we opened up the image attached to find… a bouncy castle. Modhesh World now boasts a ‘Bounce and Adventure Park’ spread over 640 square metres and themed like a jungle. Apparently, the Disney Bouncing Area is decorated with Pixar characters to entice little kids – as young as 18 months old – to have a tumble, while the trampoline is open to older children and adults aged up to 20. Let’s hope they don’t ask for birth certificates then.

Dubai smells

How dedicated are you to your job? Are you as dedicated as Emirati perfumer Mohamed Hilal? Well, let’s see, shall we? According to a local broadsheet, when Hilal first began concocting perfumes, ‘he would sleep only in fits and starts, dabbing each hand with a perfume before he went to bed and then waking up throughout the night to see what happened to the scent and how long it lasted.’

Now Hilal has 50 Hind al Oud shops in Paris Gallery stores throughout the UAE, and is working hard on creating a ‘scent of Dubai’ which he has named Oqib al Rouya (‘the vision’ in Arabic) and wants to sell internationally. ‘The scent will encompass 30 years of what the city and people lived through,’ he explains. ‘It will be the full history of the place in a single whiff.’ Hmmm. Petrol and sand? Kebab meat and chai tea? Overflowing metal bins? What do you think Dubai smells like? Email any ideas to and see them printed here soon.

One flu over the cuckoo’s nest

If you went to the Ben Westbeech DJ gig at Alpha on August 7 you’ll have noticed something missing. Namely, Westbeech himself. Don’t be too angry, though – turns out the chap came down with swine flu just before he was due to fly out. We’d rather have no set than be quarantined inside Alpha for three weeks… no offence to Alpha, of course.

Picture this

The first dedicated arthouse cinema hall, The Picturehouse, is set to open at new multiplex Reel Cinemas in The Dubai Mall before the year is out. Slated to show critically-acclaimed titles and films from the Arab world, it’ll be an altogether different proposition from the customary Hollywood braincell-melters we’re used to seeing fill the cinemas on these shores. There’ll even be a Picturehouse Lounge where movie buffs can hang around and discuss what they’ve just seen.

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