20 ways to make extra cash

Who doesn’t want a little more pocket money at the moment? Here are 20 easy ways to earn some extra money (legally!)

20 ways to make extra cash
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*‘If you are completing a paid activity outside working hours that does not compete with your main job, you should obtain the permission of your company sponsor first, as it is technically illegal to work for any (other) employer,’ says Pierre Mehawej, legal consultant with Kanaan & Azhari. ‘You should also find out whether you need a special licence from the UAE Licensing Authority. Go to www.ded.gov.ae or call 7000 40000 and specialised personnel will answer all your queries.’

And what about organised markets? ‘It is up to the organisers to obtain the proper licence from the UAE authority, so make sure they have this before renting a stall, and be sure to sell only your own second-hand goods,’ Pierre advises. ‘As for selling music and photos online – check that you own the copyright of whatever it is that you’re selling, and that you’re not challenging public order in any way.’
For more legal advice, contact Pierre on 04 222 0780 or pierre@kanlaw.ae and check out kanlaw.ae.

Teach A Language

Are you bilingual? Lucky you – you already have a sellable skill. Reham Hasan from Egypt can speak Arabic, English, Italian and Japanese, all fluently. ‘I used to teach languages when I was back in Egypt so I just started again when I moved here,’ says Reham, who we found advertising on a popular online noticeboard. ‘Not only do I make some income, but I’m especially interested in teaching Arabic to English, Italian and Japanese people as it’s a good language exchange.’ Of course, you get to meet new people and learn about different cultures too. Spinneys noticeboards are a popular arena for advertising language and teaching services, as well as the online classifieds.

Teach Music Lessons

Can you play the sitar? The double bass? Or perhaps the ukulele? You never know – there may be a big demand waiting to be met out there. See the box below for tips on promoting your services. Just be sure to check with your work sponsor and whether you need a special licence first!

Lecture about your Job

Why not teach other people about your job? EMDI Institute of Media and Communication hosts talks on everything from public relations to DJing and wedding planning. ‘We are always looking for lecturers to share their experiences,’ says Bharti Makhijani, manager of EMDI’s new initiatives. ‘It would be great to add more names to the list.’ Do it, and get paid to listen to the sound of your own voice for a change. See emdiworld.com.

Customise Clothes and Accessories

A rip here, some sequins there and hey presto! You have yourself a sideline project. ‘I got into fashion by accident,’ recounts Lamis Kamis, a designer now selling clothes out of Tigerlily in Wafi Mall (04 324 8088). ‘I customised some jeans and wore them in a trendy area. That day I was approached by three boutiques. I made over 20 pairs and they sold out instantly!’ Her advice for the novice? ‘Don’t throw clothes away. Find a seamstress, change the length, buy some ribbons. A few changes could give a whole new look to those old pieces.’

Play The Stock Market

Wealth manager Ben Lester knows how to earn money through shares. ‘Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose,’ he advises. ‘Share values can change quickly. Use an internet trading platform (such as ETrade.com) as the cost to trade is lower. And try a ‘‘fantasy’’ portfolio first, such as msn.com/money. If you struggle losing fun money then you should think twice about using your own. But if you enjoy it and have some spare cash, why not give it a go? Good luck!’ See Ben’s company, elitecapitalsolutions.com.

Cake Sale

Why not bake yourself an extra few dirhams? The city’s cupcake scene is on fire at the moment (we mean it’s busy rather than that there are lots of chargrilled sponges flying around). ‘When you’re strapped for cash I think it’s important to be creative,’ says designer Buffi Jashanmal, who sold cakes at the Bastakiya Saturday Souk with her sister last year. ‘We had so much fun selling them: she baked, I iced, and then we headed down to the market together. They sold like hot cakes – no pun intended!’ Keep an eye on our Around Town section for news of the souk’s relaunch this winter.

Sell Furniture online

Your old washing machine is another man’s, erm, source of clean underwear (or some such cliché). If you’ve got second-hand goods to sell, head to Spinneys supermarket and stick an ad on the noticeboard. Or, if you want to reach an even wider audience, email noticeboard@timeoutdubai.com or call 04 210 8000 to get a sign put up on Time Out’s noticeboard.

Arts and Crafts

If you’ve got a talent for basket-weaving, knitting or any other such skill, get in touch with ARTE Souks. ‘We provide a platform for selling arts and crafts all over the UAE,’ explains Paul Townsend, one of the managers of the organisation. ‘You can sell anything from jewellery, fashion, art and photography to woodwork.’ The next dates are in the Trade Route building next to the Festival Marina on October 2 and 3. Stalls start from Dhs200 per day. If you fancy touting your work, contact info@arte.ae or 050 456 7481. Keep an eye on arte.com for future dates.

Sell your Photos Online

Flogging your shots to online image libraries such as iStock and Shutterstock is tricky, but not impossible. If samples of your work meet a long list of criteria you will be invited to regularly submit a certain number of images. But be prepared for a bit of a challenge. ‘I swallowed my pride and tried and tried again,’ says Alex Jeffries of www.clearandtransparent.com. ‘Now I’m a silver contributor on iStock and also contribute to its mother site, Getty Images. I may make a few thousand dirhams a month, but it’s the education I’ve received has been invaluable.’

Write A Blog and Sell Advertising

Pierre Abou Aad, IT manager and trainer at Eton Institute, has a few ideas for making extra dough from your PC. ‘Become a medium between jobseekers and employers and earn commission or a set fee for registration at bohire.com,’ he says. ‘Alternatively, write and proofread documents for associatedcontent.com. But blogging is the most popular way to make money online: set a blog up in minutes, then use it as an advertising podium. Try blogger.com.’

Flea Market

Dubai Flea Market has caused a bit of a second-hand storm in the city. Fantastically popular since it began last year, it’s now moving back to Safa Park after hibernating over summer (it’s a topsy turvy world) in the nearest school hall. Pay Dhs230 for a stall and sell anything from your furniture to books to clothes. The next sales are October 1, November 7 and December 5. Go to dubai-fleamarket.com. And don’t forget to check that the operators of the market have obtained the necessary licence.

Recruit Your Mates Into Your Company

Many corporate firms offer a hefty financial reward for enlisting friends or acquaintances into the company. ‘The best way to hire professional candidates is through our employees,’ explains Fatma Al Shehhi, assistant human resources manager of the charity Dubai Cares. ‘This enables us to attract and retain the best talent, motivate our staff and increase their loyalty instead of paying recruitment agencies.’ Your company doesn’t offer this? Then check out whether your gym, training course or even apartment building offer payments or benefits for friend recruitments. At least you’ll be putting the idea in their heads.

Upload Your Music

So you’ve got a big album of music burning a hole in your hard disk and no money to get CDs pressed. Don’t worry – get on last.fm and create your own label. You’ll be able to upload all your music for free and get cash for tracks played from the site – as long as you are the sole copyright owner (or have permission from the owners). You won’t retire on the money, but it’s a great promo tool, especially if, via tunecore.com, you upload tracks to iTunes or Amazon. James Wilkinson

Sell your stuff at a car boot sale

Last November, International City hosted Dubai’s first-ever car boot sale. For the uninitiated, these involve selling any of your own second-hand goods out of the boot (‘trunk’ or ‘back’) of your car. Last year it cost just Dhs30 to park up and sell, and there’s always a great community atmosphere to boot (sorry). Keep an eye on the site dragonmart.ae for the next date.

Be a part-time fitness instructor

‘I started going to group exercise classes to get rid of the “Dubai stone”,’ explains instructor Tim Derry. ‘The hardcore class ‘‘Hour of Power’’ really got me serious about fitness so I took a personal training qualification. Today I teach Bodypump and RPM in various gyms around Dubai.’ Does it make him a lot of money? ‘I teach three classes a week and earn a couple of thousand dirhams a month.’ But does he still enjoy it? ‘The pros far outweigh the cons. I keep fit and healthy – and I get paid to do something I love.’

Dhs10,000 A Day

If you have time to get to the Sharjah or Ajman City Centre malls at any point before October 3, they’re giving away Dhs10,000 every single day as a raffle prize to mark the Holy Month of Ramadan. Spend Dhs150 or more at any of the 187 stores across the two malls to enter. And if you don’t want to make the journey, turn to page 127 for the chance to win Dhs5,000 spending money at Ibn Battuta right from your desk.

Help Out At Big Events

Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s events calendars are about to get hot again, conversely just as the weather cools down. That means extra hands will be needed at large-scale events. The best course of action is to register for the event management part-time evening course at EMDI Institute of Media and Communication. ‘You’ll receive a letter from the institute which allows you to work on events,’ explains Nowshir Engineer, EMDI’s founder. ‘Besides being professionally trained according to a UK-accredited curriculum, you’ll have the chance to work hands-on at exhibitions, sporting events and concerts.’ If you don’t want to learn the management aspect, then you can register with agencies such as UME Group (umegroup.net) to do volunteer work at events. Also, modelling agencies such as Diva Dubai (divadubai.com) and Bareface (bareface.com) take people as promoters, hostesses, ushers or product information personnel at events and exhibitions.’

A Club Night

‘First, identify a nightlife niche in Dubai,’ explains Andy Buchan, DJ and promoter of Alpha’s weekly See You Next Friday nights. ‘There are still gaps in the market here.’Next, contact the venue. ‘Persuade them your night will bring in money,’ Andy says. At the end of it all, financial rewards vary. ‘You can earn anything from nothing to half a million. But your true success depends on what your priority is: putting on good music or making money. Ideally, you’d combine both, but it’s not always possible, so set a budget and stick to it.’

Host an Exhibition

Are you an amateur artist or photographer? Dubai’s burgeoning art scene has plenty of wall space for you to exhibit and potentially sell your work. Tashkeel (04 336 3313) and thejamjar (04 341 7303) are both open-minded when it comes to exhibitions. Alternatively, XVA Gallery (04 353 5383) and Majlis Gallery (04 353 6233) feature a number of locally-based artists. But Gallery 76 (04 344 4398) in Dubai International Arts Centre is one of the best spots for new artists looking to get seen and sold. Get a discount on membership with this magazine and, if your work is good enough, it could get exhibited to buyers. Obviously the money you can make varies greatly – but, you never know who’s going to be perusing your work.’ Chris Lord

Become A DJ or Musician in your spare time

On a musical note (ho ho), why not play at bars, clubs and pubs around Dubai after work? Most venues end and renew their entertainer contracts around Ramadan time, so it might be worth getting in touch right now to see if there are any vacancies waiting to be filled. Phone establishments direct and ask for the manager – and it’s probably a good idea to make a demo tape beforehand.

Sick of your job?

If you want a total change of scene (and bigger salary), why not get some advice from a recruitment consultant? Try iQselection.com or call 04 324 4094.

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