Are you a workaholic?

Are you a workaholic? Check out the signs...

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1 You actually dream in Microsoft Outlook, Google or whichever computer program you use eight hours a day.

2 At home you keep dialling 9 to get an outside line and then have to explain to the police that there’s no emergency, you were just after Pizza Express.

3 You start writing your to-do list in your head in the shower every single morning.

4 When browsing the malls, you find yourself only looking for work outfits.

5 You socialise with colleagues, just so you can spend a little extra time talking about work things.

6 You go into the office every weekend and actually accomplish nothing but a quick nap on the couch.

7 You apologise for taking a holiday and promise you’ll be on email. Even if it’s from a rubber ring in the middle of the ocean.

8 You carry your business cards everywhere, just in case. Even the supermarket.

9 You spend your free time doing things that you know will impress your boss. Cringe.

10 The Microsoft Office paperclip guy has started asking you for tips.

11 You regularly update your family and friends back home about your life in Dubai – and find yourself only talking about things you’ve done at work.

12 You start making friends with people you know will make good ‘contacts’.

13 You carry a notebook around to jot down ideas you have for work while you’re out doing a spot of blue-sky thinking.

14 You have a nightmare that you’ve slept through your alarm, and are relieved to find you’re actually still sat at your desk.

15 You’re thinking about buying a little something from the sandwich trolley for lunch, then you notice it’s 5.30pm.

And five signs you know you should be working a little harder…

1 You’ve been caught more than five times browsing Facebook/YouTube/a site that really ought to be blocked here by your boss.

2 You realise you spend more time planning your dinner than anything work-related.

3 People at work don’t seem to be delegating anything to you. Not even a coffee round.

4 You find yourself trying to break your own record for the number of times you can hit Outlook’s Send/Receive button in a minute.

5 You notice that your workmate types really REALLY loudly, and it’s putting you off your game of Minesweeper.

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