True or false?

Test your knowledge of the tallest building in the world...

Burj Khalifa, The Knowledge

So you know its new name and you think you're a Burj Khalifa expert, eh? Try and work out which of these towering facts are true, and which are false. (Scroll down to find the answers...)

1 About 330,000 cubic metres of concrete were used to build the Burj – that would weigh the same as about 100,000 elephants.

2 If you laid out all the concrete used to build it, you could make a pavement from London to San Francisco.

3 The cooling requirements of the Burj Khalifa are equivalent to about 10,000 tonnes of melting ice.

4 About 15 million gallons of condensation, the equivalent of about 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools, will be collected from the tower every year.

5 The total weight of aluminium used on the building is equivalent to that of five Airbus A380 aircraft.

6 Free-falling from the top would take about 12 seconds.

7 An average helium balloon can never rise higher than the Burj’s summit without bursting.

8 There is a sway of about 1.2m at the top.

9 More than 23 million man hours, thus far, have been spent on the Burj.

10 One man died during the building’s construction. No more.

11 The Burj contains the world’s fastest elevator, which travels at speeds of 108 metres per second.

12 Upon completion, it will house around 35,000 people – more people than live in San Marino.

13 In a fire, people won’t be expected to evacuate the building. Instead there are pressurised, air-conditioned refuge areas located about every 25 floors.

14 Up to 12,000 workers were on the Burj Khalifa site during the peak of construction.

15 It takes up to four months to clean the exterior.

16 The Burj was partly inspired by a Star Wars light sabre.

17 Crane workers slept at the top during construction because it took so long to get up and down.

18 31,400 metric tonnes of steel bars were used to build the tower – laid end to end, these would reach more than a quarter of the way around the world.

19 You could watch the sunset at the bottom, then take a lift up to the top and watch it all over again.

20 Giant batteries are located on the 150th floor to store power generated from electrical storms. Developers are hailing it a way to offset the environmental cost.

Answers: Burj Khalifa: True or False? 1) True. 2) False. It would stretch twice as far. 3) True. 4) True. 5) True. 6) False. It took the world’s first base jumpers about 90 seconds. 7) False. A fully inflated balloon would burst at about 2,000m. 8) True. 9) True. 10) True. 11) Half true. It’s the fastest, but it travels at 10.8 metres per second. 12) True. 13) True. 14) True. 15) True. 16) False. 17) False. It took one hour to go up and down the building. 18) True. 19) Not sure – try it! 20) False.

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