Army of Two: The 40th Day game review

It’s easy to dismiss this sequel to Army of Two as adolescent fluff

The Knowledge
The Knowledge

(PS3, Xbox 360)

It’s easy to dismiss this sequel to Army of Two as adolescent fluff. With its musclebound mercenary anti-heroes, rampant gun fetishisation and forced cynicism, it could almost be a teen-baiting 1980s action movie. But sometimes you just want a little mindless co-op action, and in that regard The 40th Day works just fine. The thin plot starts with hired guns Salem and Rios trying to escape a firebombed Shanghai and barely proceeds beyond that. On their way out, they become embroiled in a number of smaller crises, from helping a doctor in a crumbling hospital to inching through an enemy-controlled zoo. It’s like a Harold and Kumar movie, if Harold and Kumar went around wrecking people.

As with the first game, The 40th Day is all based around co-operative play and, while it’s fun enough using the AI partner, this game shines with a second player. From providing covering fire to huddling behind a single bulletproof shield, it’s a blast. Sadly, the lacking story and repetitive missions underwhem. Even a brilliantly unsettling ending isn’t enough to raise this above the ranks of the merely good.
Available now in stores.

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