Aliens vs Predator game review

Jack of all trades and master of none, that’s Aliens vs Predator for you

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(PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
Jack of all trades and master of none, that’s Aliens vs Predator for you. Nothing to do with the rubbish film series beyond the shared name and concept, this game casts you in three roles over three campaigns: an alien let loose in a hi-tech science lab, a predator on the hunt for lost technology, and a space marine trying to survive.

Commendably, each character plays differently: the marine’s game is a run-and-gun shooter; the predator spends its time skulking in trees to pick off prey, and the alien scuttles through ducts and vents to grab its victims.

In practice, though, the predator and alien threads are less than satisfying, being thinly plotted (inevitable in the case of the alien, we suppose) and burdened with cumbersome controls. The predator’s attacks are tricky to master, leaving the player feeling far more vulnerable than a monstrous hunter should feel, while the alien’s wall-climbing abilities are fiddly.

It’s a shame, because Aliens vs Predator is beautifully realised with some fantastic set-pieces. But plenty of games do the horror-shooter combo better than this, and neither the alien nor the predator can portray hunter-prey mechanics as successfully as the masterful Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Available now in stores.

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