Discovery’s turbo TV

With sleek supercars and crazy stunts Discovery Channel’s petrol-fuelled season is fun for everyone

Street Customs Berlin
Street Customs Berlin
Fifth Gear
Fifth Gear
Emirates Auto Museum
Emirates Auto Museum
Twist the Throttle
Twist the Throttle

You may not particularly like cars and motorbikes – you may outright hate them – but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in Discovery Channel’s wheel-themed Turbo Month for you. After all, most of the shows that will premiere on the channel over the next few weeks are from genres you already know and love (reality TV, documentaries, bargain hunting and the like), but with cars in the starring role. Still not convinced? Read on…

For the historian

Twist the Throttle
Travelling across the world from Europe to Japan, Twist the Throttle explains how the world’s most important motorbike companies originally started out making knitting looms (Suzuki), radios (Ducati) and aeroplane engines (BMW). Also features lots of scenery and some fast bikes, of course.
Debuts March 29, 10pm

For the business exec

Street Customs Berlin
On the west coast of the US, Street Customs is one of the biggest car customisation companies around. In Berlin, it’s unheard of. This series follows the team as they try to turn their new Berlin branch from a derelict warehouse into a shining base of operations, while keeping celebrity clients happy.
Debuts March 30, 10pm

For the small-time tycoon

Wheeler Dealers
Fancy yourself as a bit of a clever moneymaker, do you? Then this should be of interest: each week, hosts Mike Brewer and Edd China (who sound like characters from a Guy Ritchie film) buy a run-down classic car, try to get it up to scratch by spending just £5,000 (Dhs27,800), and sell it on for a profit.
Debuts March 31, 10pm

For the adrenaline junky

Heartland Thunder
Set in the communities of the American Midwest, this documentary looks at the feuding families that take part in the heated dirt track racing competitions each weekend. Think of it as part family saga and part Days of Thunder.
Debuts April 1, 10pm

For the consumer

Fifth Gear
Much like its almost-namesake Top Gear, Fifth Gear is a long-running consumer car series that combines practical information (why too little oil in your engine can ruin it), fancy car tests (driving an Aston Martin DBS Volante) and some ludicrous features (think tank-versus-tank obstacle courses).
Debuts April 2, 10pm

For the reality TV fan

American Chopper
If you can’t get enough of watching stressed-out people shouting at each other but don’t want to walk all the way to Sheikh Zayed Road, this is for you. American Chopper follows an expanding bike customisation business as family feuds threaten to tear everything apart.
Debuts April 2, 11pm

For the person who can’t stand cars

Mythbusters Special
Hate cars and their stupid, petrol-guzzling ways? This special edition of Mythbusters, the show that tests the physics of Hollywood movies by making things explode, looks specifically at the portrayal of cars in movies. Could Speed’s bus really make that jump? What would happen if you really drove your car through a market stall? These and other implausible situations are put to the (typically violent) test.
Debuts April 21, 11pm

Drivin’ UAE

If the series has piqued your interest in fancy cars, check out these UAE attractions

The Emirates National Auto Museum
Located out near Liwa, this museum’s centrepiece is a five-metre-high Dodge pickup containing an entire apartment.
Open daily 8am-5.30pm, 02 667 6999

Sharjah Classic Car Club & Museum
If vintage cars are your thing, don’t miss this selection of Rolls Royces, Triumphs and other classics from the mid-20th century.
Open Fri-Sat 4pm-9pm, Sun-Thu 8am-2pm, 06 558 0058

Dubai Autodrome
If you’d rather drive than look, Dubai Autodrome will let you get behind the wheel of F1-style single-seat racers, Audi S5 V8s and more.
Offices open daily 8am-5pm, 04 367 8700

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