Common misunderstandings

Find out more about the common misconceptions about Dubai

You can’t drink

Lies! Tourists and non-Muslim residents can drink at licensed bars and restaurants and in their hotel or at home, though for the latter you need to get an alcohol licence

You can’t eat pork

Rubbish! Pork is freely served in restaurants that are within a hotel. Many larger supermarkets have a pork section for the use of non-Muslims and you do not need a pork licence; however ,cooking up pork at a public barbecue is a no-no.

Women have to cover up

While it is important to remember where you are, women are free to dress as they please and don’t have to wear a veil or cover their shoulders. Wearing a bikini at the beach is fine too. But out in crowded places, souks or shopping malls, a micro mini and boob tube will attract stares, and out of respect to the local culture, it’s best to dress modestly. You should also dress more conservatively during the holy month of Ramadan.

Women are not allowed to drive

Piffle! Women are subject to the same driving laws as men.

Homosexuality is illegal

True, as are all hetero liaisons outside of marriage. As gay marriage is not recognised here, all homosexual acts are considered illegal.

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