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The Knowledge
What’s the area like?

The midpoint between Bur Dubai’s down-at-heel charm and the loftiness of Jumeirah, Satwa is a mix of bustling shopping areas, roomy apartments and rickety old villas. The jewel in Satwa’s crown is Diyafah Street, which throbs with life after dark as its fast food joints buzz while the finest cars in the city do laps looking for approval.

Satwa’s central location means everything is at your finger tips: a range of hospitals, including the striking Iranian Hospital, more independent shops than you can chuck a row of sticks at and a clutch of good, rather than great, hotels. Rydges Plaza is the oldest and most well known, with some of the best-priced licensed restaurants in town, such as Il Rustico and Cactus Cantina.

Best for
Those on a budget, and who’d rather live somewhere with a bit of energy.

Constant hustle and bustle, excellent shopping and restaurants and fair rent prices. The central location also means nowhere is too far away. Plans to knock Satwa down were met with outcry, which shows how much people like to live and work there. The plans now seem to have been permanently put on the backburner, fortunately.

Since everyone lives on top of everyone else in this area, noise, rubbish (and its inevitable smell) can cause problems.
Average cost of a two-bed apartment in Satwa: To rent Dhs80,000.

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