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Women are increasingly turning to doulas

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Women are increasingly turning to doulas (a Greek word meaning a ‘woman who gives another woman support and assistance’) to help them through the last stages of pregnancy and birth, and some doulas also offer post-natal care and services. Though healthcare services in Dubai are top notch, having a baby in the UAE can seem frightening – especially without family and close friends on hand to offer support. If you’re feeling a bit lost or anxious, a Desert Doula might be able to help.

There’s a whole bunch of them in Dubai who are on hand to guide women (and their husbands) through pregnancy, childbirth and even the postnatal period. Trained childbirth assistants, the doulas give support, reassurance and offer guidance to make the birth and the process of becoming a new family a positive experience. These women are goldmines of information and can tackle any birth or pregnancy-related topic, like antenatal education, finding maternity services in the city, breastfeeding or any other concerns you might have. They also offer much-needed care to help you get settled in at home with your new addition. They can even do light housekeeping, shopping and laundry.
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