Web design course in Dubai

Time Out’s resident techo-phobe recounts an enlightening e-experience at Eton Institute’s web workshop

The Knowledge

Traditionally, technology has scared me. A bit of a late bloomer when it comes to all things IT-related, my heart has always belonged to books, magazines and newspapers, the feel of paper between finger and thumb, rather than websites. Computer programming, with all its terrifying-looking codes and numbers, seemed like a secret language that I would never be able to get my head around, like Double Dutch, Mandarin or those funny noises Röyksopp make. But then recently, something inside me switched. Now cyberspace no longer seems like a geeky ghetto – but rather a world of opportunity. Why? Because of four hours spent one Saturday afternoon at Eton Institute with a man called Pierre Abou Aad.

This may sound a little hyperbolic. But, during the institute’s new DIY web design and development courses, Pierre finds a way to make launching your own site on the internet seem not only easy, but also, dare I say it, quite strangely fascinating.

One of the first things we learn is that web design is very much an ongoing process. We learn that even after you’ve finished putting together your masterpiece and it’s up and running (or, rather, cursors are running all over it), you need to keep an eye on the competition – in other words, you need to think up new ways to guarantee traffic continues to head towards your website.

‘Identify 50-100 key words and add them to your website html tags to make sure you get picked up and indexed by Google,’ Pierre warns in his calm, British-Lebanese lilt. ‘Otherwise your site will miss thousands of hits.’ He makes it all seem so easy, explaining things with simply a pen, whiteboard and projector. And in case you forget everything the minute you leave the room, Pierre gives out a manual to refer to when you begin work on your own site at home because, as part of the class, we are all given our own sites for a year. At the end of the session Pierre invites us to email him three potential domain names in the next week, which he will then set up for us.

Not bad for Dhs490 per workshop. ‘We pay people so much to set up sites and they take so long,’ exclaims one businesswoman in an abaya as we file out. ‘[Doing it ourselves] is so empowering!’ Surprisingly, that’s how I felt too: empowered. I came out feeling like I’d learnt more about the world’s most powerful information medium in four hours than I had in the past few years. The thought that, rather than passively read the web, now I might be able to get something out there, with my own hands – outside of corporate engines such as Facebook and MySpace – was hugely inspiring. Perhaps, in future, learning to use the internet will be the equivalent of learning to read and write.
A website design workshop costs Dhs490. For info, call 04 365 2772 or see www.eton.ac.

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