Vancouver 2010 review

Relive your Winter Olympic highlights in your own bedroom

The Knowledge

If you enjoyed the recent Winter Olympics, don't expect the same level of satisfaction from the game. Vancouver 2010 is best defined by what it lacks. First, it lacks complexity. Most of the gameplay involves no more than moving a thumbstick left or right, carefully timing a button tap and holding down a trigger. Your pet beagle could do it, and he doesn't have opposable thumbs.

Second, it lacks character. The athletes are generic avatars with no names, stats or customisation options. You can choose a country but that just determines your colours and national anthem. Finally, the game lacks variety. It includes only 14 out of a possible 86 medal events, with no curling, no shooting, not even a halfpipe. The developers have focused on events that involve speed; namely hurtling down an icy track or incline on skis, bobsleigh, sled or snowboard. Unlike the real thing, however, these events are irritatingly similar to one another.

The only event in Vancouver 2010 with more than one or two unique aspects is the speed skating, and there's a challenge mode that allows you to further test your speed and finesse within each event. However, these features alone won't keep you playing this game longer than it takes an icicle to thaw in Dubai.

Sega does deserve some kudos for the graphics though. They're above par and really let you appreciate the outrageous speeds involved in these sports.

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