Dave Spikey interview

Comedian and TV star talks about his life as an author

The Knowledge

‘I write in a rush, which works for me because I write best when I have a deadline looming. It concentrates the mind and stimulates the creative juices. I write best first thing in the morning, using a laptop. I’ve tried longhand, but my handwriting soon deteriorates and the ideas that pop into my head get forgotten or are scribbled down in ways that are indecipherable when I consult them later. I sit puzzled by ‘baboon, Yolanda’ – who’s Yolanda? Is that ‘balloon’? Nope – still don’t get it. With my laptop I can add notes quickly and move on.

‘I usually have two or three writing projects on the go, which are at present two scripts and an autobiography. Well, I say autobiography, but I wrote 35,000 words and thought it was a bit boring so invented a few eccentric relatives and friends to make it funnier. It’s more of a sortobiography than an autobiography.

‘I’m embracing the ‘write what you know’ maxim with my current projects. I’m passionate about a comedy drama I’ve started about a musician with leukaemia searching for a bone marrow donor (I worked in haematology for 30 years and my kid brother Peter died recently after a battle with lymphoma, a similar blood disorder). Although it doesn’t appear to be a subject in which comedy sits easily, I want to show that individuals with a positive attitude to illness, who laugh along the cruel path they tread, have the best prognosis.’
Dave Spikey’s He Took My Kidney, Then Broke My Heart is published by Michael O’Mara Books.

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