Super Street Fighter 4 game review

Super Street Fighter 4 is the best fighting game out there

The Knowledge

(PS3, Xbox 360)

If you ever found yourself in a smoke-filled, dark games arcade during the ’90s, there’s no doubt you’d have encountered a Street Fighter 2 machine. You probably gave it a whirl as well, picking the big green guy and trying to pound the other fighters into submission. Anyone who wasted at least some of their youth on coin-operated video games will definitely know the Street Fighter series; odds are that most gamers are already familiar with Street Fighter 4, not to mention the fact that it has single-handedly saved the fighting genre from itself. So, why on earth would you want Super Street Fighter 4, seemingly an attempt to cash in on the game’s popularity?

If you own the original Street Fighter 4 and are totally satisfied with it, you won’t need to read any further. But some fans will notice a few things missing, such as key characters and the bonus games. SSF4 makes up for all of that, returning the classic car- and barrel-destroying bonus levels. It also adds 10 characters, eight from previous games and two brand new ones. Stunning new levels, replay recording and online eight-player tournaments round off the package nicely, but the biggest change comes in additional Ultra power attacks. Each character now has two and they dramatically change how you approach fights.

These features are likely to appeal to hardcore fans, who will be annoyed at needing to buy this game when they already own SF4, but they’ll buy it anyway. Everyone else who owns SF4 could just hang onto it, or give it away as a gift and buy this version. But if your console days are still without backyard brawls, Super Street Fighter 4 is the best fighting game out there.

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