Time Out Abu Dhabi going weekly

Your essential guide to Abu Dhabi every Thursday from September 9

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Firstly, the good news: Time Out Abu Dhabi (or TOAD as we're sometimes called) is going weekly. Yes, that's right - the capital of the UAE is getting the in-depth, all-action, intelligent guide to life that it so deserves. All the big kids have one - London, New York, Chicago, Sydney, Dubai - so why shouldn't we? It's only fair.

Secondly, the bad news: You're going to have to wait until September 9 before you can get your hands on a copy. Now, now - settle down. That's a matter of mere micro-seconds in relation to the long history Time Out has already clocked up. And besides, there's a perfectly good monthly issue on the shelves now (look out for our 'Ramadan Issue'). That ought to tide you over if you feel yourself getting palpitations.

What is TOAD, and how can I spot one?
Being an internationally minded person, you've probably heard of Time Out already. Only last month the magazine won International Consumer Magazine of the Year at the PPA Awards (the magazine world's version of the Oscars). The London-born mag, now in business for over 40 years, is an essential lifestyle guide for five million monthly readers, and TOAD is the Abu Dhabi branch of all that. Having been on the city's shelves as a monthly title for the best part of eight years, it's already a big part of the our readers' lives. If you're not sure what you're looking for, the red and black logo is instantly recognisable - just ask you're neighbour; they'll probably be able to draw one for you.

Why weekly? What's wrong with monthly?
There's no doubting that Abu Dhabi is expanding. We saw it start to take real shape with the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix during the autumn of 2009 - the event sparked a massive boom in the restaurant and hotel industries, and the entertainment scene exploded (if you were here for the Beyonce and Aerosmith concerts, you'll know what we mean). Rumour has it that this coming autumn will bring an even bigger bonanza, placing Abu Dhabi firmly at the cultural centre of the Middle East region.

As a monthly magazine, we've done our darnedest to keep you as up to date with events, food and relaxation information as we can. As a weekly, however, we'll be the only guide putting the meat on the bones; reporting on the big gigs whilst simultaneously digging around the backstreets to bring you news on local culture, top dining spots and all the little things that come together to create an iconic magazine in an iconic city. Put simply, Abu Dhabi is about to get bigger. Missing an issue will mean missing out.

How can I get a copy for myself?
TOAD is available all over the city. Have a look on the shelves and near the cashier registers in your local Spinney's, Adnoc, Carefour or Lulu. We're also in Magrudy's, Jashanmal and nearly every hotel room across the city. If you can't see us in your favourite shop, demand to see the manager (and then start shopping somewhere else).

What should I do in the meantime?
As we pointed out earlier, the August edition of the magazine is ready and waiting for you, but if you've already read that, cover to cover, two or three times, then we understand your concern. Fret not! You're already in the right place. TimeOutAbuDhabi.com brings you daily, up-to-the-minute reports on city life and good living, and we'll keep you updated with information on the progression of our weekly project on this particular page - look out for updates, photos and the occasional video, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook while you're at it.

What will be in the first weekly issue?
If we told you that, you'd miss out on the surprise you'll get when you pull one down from the shelves on September 9. All that we can promise you for now is that it will be a new-look version of your favourite magazine, full of insight, wit and information - oh, and prizes. We know how you people like your prizes...
Time Out Abu Dhabi will be on shelves every Thursday from September 9, priced Dhs5

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