Dubai man swims English Channel

Businessman Scott Ragsdale triumphs in 14 hours and 1 minute

The Knowledge
The Knowledge

Two weeks ago Time Out Dubai interviewed local businessman Scott Ragsdale about his mission to become the first Dubai-based man to swim the English Channel. And today we can happily confirm that he succeeded, in 14 hours and 1 minute, in 15 degrees cold water.

The swim started in Dover at 3:30 GMT, on September 2. The swim then finished at 17:30 GMT, seeing Scott swim nine miles more than previously anticipated – 31 miles in total (the strong wind of gale force 4-5, the current and tides pushed him nine miles south of the standard route to Calais, France. Reaching France at Cap Gris Nez, he was allowed to stay five minutes before heading back to the boat and heading to Dover).

‘Euphoric misery. That’s how I felt,’ said Scott.’ The entire swim was in large choppy waves and the currents were a killer. Misery because it hurt so bad. The last three hours were hell. However… I never thought once that I wouldn’t make it because of my crew. They tricked me into thinking I was ‘’almost there’’ and when the current was pushing me in the wrong direction, they told me it was pushing me forward. Because of them I sincerely thought I was ‘’almost there’’. In my mind I started celebrating even before that halfway mark.’

Scott’s next steps in terms of sporting endeavours are a six-day 250km Jungle Marathon through the Amazonian rainforest (October) and another Ironman triathlon in Australia (December).

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