Annah Jacob

We catch up with the presenter of Dubai One’s Twenty Something show

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What are Dubai’s twenty-somethings interested in?
Anything from current affairs in the Middle East to young achievers who believe that impossible is nothing (thanks Adidas!), to good old-fashioned entertainment. Our viewers balance global cultures and tradition. Third-culture kids, if you will. In your twenties you are capable of being anyone you want. When you hit your thirties, you’ve most likely set your path; you become less of a risk-taker.

Do you think twentysomethings here are different to elsewhere?
Without a doubt. In this region they are more aware of what’s happening in the world. Living in a closely-knit multicultural society can do that, I suppose.

What do you think makes a strong TV presenter?
The ability to connect with your viewer. Always remember that the audience you are talking to is not stupid – do not patronise them by telling them how they should think.

And how about your style? How would you describe that?
It would be quite difficult to say that I haven’t been influenced by people I’ve seen on TV. If I had to describe my style, I’d say energised, honest, a little urban and with a dash of sarcasm.

How difficult is it to film a TV show in Dubai?
It goes without saying that the media in Dubai is far more culturally sensitive than other parts of the world. It just makes it more challenging to come up with content that is relevant to our audience while being scandal-free.

Indeed. Dream interview?
Only Dubai’s very own heart-throb royalty: Fazza [HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai].

Biggest mistake you’ve made while on TV?
I was attempting to get a quick interview from a local celebrity (who will remain anonymous) on the red carpet at a movie premiere. In my head I knew who I was talking to, but I kept referring to her by a different name.

Can you give us any inside scoops about the show?
The show has already gone through major changes since our last season. We have some new faces and new segments, and the show is now an hour long. We’re definitely getting some major movers and shakers on, but you’ll have to tune in every Monday to see who.

Your personal tip about Dubai…
Explore the city beyond Garhoud bridge heading north. You’d be amazed at just how little you knew of Dubai until then!
Twenty Something screens on Mondays at 7.30pm on Dubai One.

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