Nelly Furtado interview

The Canadian-Portuguese songbird played her first UAE gig last week

Nelly Furtado interview

What have you been working on of late?
I’ve been working on my new album, called Lifestyle. I’ve experimented a little more with alternative sounds, such as different types of keyboard sounds that are a bit more trippy and psychedelic than they’ve been in the past.

Ever been tempted to go off on a real tangent and do a bit of heavy metal?
Hey, that would be fun! That’s one thing I haven’t really done yet. But I am a fan of some metal music. I went through a whole phase where I listened to a lot of Soulfly, System of a Down and Deftones. One of the first bands I was really passionate about were the Smashing Pumpkins.

Is there anyone you’re dying to collaborate with?
It’d be really fun to collaborate with someone like Madonna. We have mutual friends, so maybe it would be plausible.

After starring in 2008 movie Max Payne, do you have plans to do any more films?
Acting is really just a hobby for me – I don’t consider myself a professional actor at all and I really respect professional actors because they put a lot of focus and intelligence into what they do. I get my jollies on stage. I let it all hang out!

Has working on the greatest hits album brought back any weird memories from when you were working on the songs first time round?
Yeah, it’s been a definite couple of months of reflection for me. Whoa, Nelly! came out almost 10 years ago to the date of the greatest hits album. I never thought I’d be doing this for 10 years. I always thought I’d put out an album and go back to university! You can never predict the future.

Do you have any celebrity friends on Twitter? Do you compete for followers?
I dropped out of the competition. Once you hit a million and a half you’re like, okay, I’m good, I’ve got at least a million. I’m good. There are some great people out there. I follow Ricky Martin and we send each other messages once in a while. He’s really fantastic. He’s still recording and touring. He’s out there doing his thing.

You were involved with both the Euro 2004 football championships and the Winter Olympics earlier this year. Are you the sporty type?
I’m a spectator. I watched the figure skating and that was a childhood dream of mine.

Did you see any of the World Cup this summer?
I saw two or three of Portugal’s games. They were fun. I saw the US too. It’s fantastic. We have vuvuzelas at our house.

Will there be any on the new album?
[Laughs] Maybe! Listen out for it! Listen for the vuvuzela!

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