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Amy, Amy, Amy. Naturally, we were all excited to see one of the most successful British female singer-songwriters of all time, the winner of Grammies, Ivor Novellas, Brit Awards, MOJOs - nearly every award possible, perform in our home city. Sadly, our anticipation quickly turned to embarrassment mixed with disappointment at around the third song in, with complete strangers in the 10,000-strong crowd turning to share a cringe and then a chorus of boos at the poor sound quality and her total lack of stage presence. Whether or not the mic issues were down to Amy herself or the sound desk remains unclear, although the backing singer who took centre stage for three tracks while the Back to Black star disappeared behind the scenes could be heard perfectly. What was obvious was that Amy Winehouse did not want to be on that stage: her body language screamed bored, then dazed, then petrified and very, very lost: as she intermittently picked her nails, fiddled with her outfit and clutched her arm. Surprisingly, the show continued for the full hour and a half, after which crowds were met with frustrating hour-long taxi queues. A message to her management: watching a talent like this die on stage is excruciating. Remove her from the limelight for however long it takes for her full recovery: she will still pack a stadium in several years time.

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A word from spokesmen from Done Events…

" If some Amy Winehouse fans are upset with her performance in Dubai on Friday then rest assured that we are equally as upset. Whenever she performs the news media re-writes her career and speculation is rife about what her life is like at the moment - if any of her fans were disappointed we are sure she will be the one the most disappointed. All we can do is set up the production and accommodate the fans and then hope she delivers a show the fans will like - if you pay to attend you have a right to review and even dislike her show and that is the nature of live entertainment. When you attend an Amy Winehouse concert we would assume most people don't really know what to expect so as she performed all her hits, did a longer set than anticipated she and her management think she has delivered. Fans vote with their feet. Last night 10,000 fans saw her full length show complete with all her hits. Whether they decide to ever again attend another Amy Winehouse concert will be a matter for them to decide on and obviously something the artist will need to be considering. Amy Winehouse management has instructed us that no refunds should be accepted as this show was the same as the much praised Brazil shows in January. Whenever her management decides to issue a statement we will make that available to all media accordingly''

See Time Out's photo gallery from the Amy Winehouse concert

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