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The yummy mummies share their tips on post baby exercise

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Baby blubber
I had a baby three months ago but I can’t get motivated to shift my mum-tum because I’m so exhausted. My older kids are teasing me about my saggy bits. Can you help?
Kathleen, The Meadows

Ranches Rebecca says: Oh dear. You’ve fallen into that new mum trap that makes you think its okay to give up on your abs for a while. This myth is one that all midwives encourage, telling us the state of our middles don’t matter for at least the first few months and it’s fine to just concentrate on baby. Well, that’s codswallop. How can you possibly feel good about yourself when you’ve got a belly like Benny Hill’s stuffed into your trackie pants? All that extra weight plays havoc with your running rhythm, and jogging with built-in jelly ballasts is absolutely no joke. First off, chuck out the comfort food – nursing is no excuse for HobNobs – and stock up on edamame, wheatgrass and lettuce. Set your alarm for 5am, strap bubba into the Bugaboo and take the both of you for a 10km stroll. Do this every morning, without fail. At first, it will be tough. In fact, I often advise new mums to go to bed in their sports gear so they’re all ready for action as soon as they wake up. Of course, it’s a bit of a passion-killer for hubby, and breast milk and baby vomit from those night feeds are hell to wash out of lycra, but once you start firming up, I promise you’ll be thanking me!

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