Sharon Corr interview

We caught up with the award-winning Irish singer before her Meydan gig

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Dubai has a big Irish community. Is it different playing for an expat crowd than back at home?
It’s more patriotic. When I think about it, because it’s St Patrick’s Day, I put much more Irish music in the set, so I suppose that appeals to the expat community.

Has becoming a mother influenced your songwriting?
It certainly has. A track on my album, Dream of You, is inspired by my love for my unborn child – I wrote it when I was pregnant with my son, and it’s about the incredible bond with someone you’ve never met. It made me much more vulnerable so my lyrics are more vulnerable.

How much does the violin feature in your new work? Is there less now you’re solo?
No – I actually made a conscious decision not to alter who I am to make this album. I’m a violin player. I always considered myself to have two voices. One is my vocal voice and the other is my violin, so they sort of intertwine on the album.

Was it difficult to step into the role of lead singer after doing violin and backing vocals with The Corrs?
I look at it as more singer-songwriter than lead singer, because I’m not in a band – I’m a solo artist. I suppose I try not to compare the two because they’re quite different things. For me, it’s just a way of expressing myself. I did have to develop my vocal technique and style though.

The Corrs took a break in 2005. Will the group ever get back together?
We didn’t make any agreements. I think it’s very much about being true to what you’re feeling because you can decide to do something this year and in five years’ time it will be a totally different set of circumstances. I think I’ll be very open to the idea that we may do something in the future, but I don’t know.

Does the fact you’re family make communication within the band easier?
Well, the problem with families is that they tend to stereotype each other; they tend to pigeonhole each other into what they were perceived to be when they were six years old. We spent a lot of time getting over that.
Sharon Corr’s debut album, Dream of You, is out now.

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