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LA plastic surgeon, famous for 'Brazilian Butt Augmentation'

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What do you do during your trips to Dubai?
We have a team that comes over on rotation and there’s usually one of five over there at a time. When I come over, the main thing I do is my liposculpt treatment and – what women really like – the Brazilian Butt Augmentation. That’s where I sculpt out the most aesthetically pleasing behind, then I take the remaining fat and inject it into the buttocks which really plumps them up. It’s got a nice, natural feel.
And what about the men who come to see you?
For guys, its mainly Vaser High-Def liposuction – of you look at www.vhdlipo.com you’ll see what I do. Everyone has some muscle definition underneath, but some people go to the gym to work out, and they just want a rock-hard body. With this particular technique we use an ultrasound that can really sculpt you out. I loved what I was doing for other people, so I had my partner do mine.

Do you think that’s reassuring for your patients?
The men come in and I show them my body, and everyone signs up. [Laughs] I also train doctors all over the world – I’ve trained about 350 doctors in 46 countries. At the end of August I’m going to Tokyo to do some more teaching.
How does demand for Brazilian Butt Augmentation differ between Dubai and California?
It’s the same – people know I’m doing it and they come in for the exact same procedure. I see a lot of the expats [in Dubai] coming in for it as well.

Who has the most commonly requested posterior?
The most commonly requested is J-Lo. ‘I want a J-Lo butt’ – J-Lo, J-Lo, J-Lo.

Do you ever get weird requests?
The last time I was in Dubai, people wanted hand rejuvenation on the backs of the hand, which can really show your age. They’re seeing the veins and the fat becomes sunken in between the bone structures, which is what makes hands look old. What I do is rejuvenate the hand by placing a small layer of fat back, which gives it a more normal appearance. Women do a lot of that.

What’s the most expensive procedure a person could have?
The most expensive is about US$125,000 (Dhs460,000) – that’s for my Wonder Woman makeover. It includes laser rejuvenation, designer laserplasty, liposculpt and Brazilian Butt Augmentation, then I bring in my other surgeries – the liposuction, the tummy tucks and the breast augmentation – so you get all those procedures as well.
Dr Matlock will be back in Dubai on July 23-29. For more information on his surgeries, visit www.drmatlock.com. For consultation enquiries, contact the American British Surgical & Medical Centre (04 297 5544).

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