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Your visitors' frequently asked questions answered

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We find that our touring visitors (whether octogenarian grannies or backpacking friends-of-friends) always ask the same, and yes sometimes quite ridiculous things. To save you having to answer these queries repeatedly we’ve put them together in an all-in-one easy answer sheet.

How should I dress?
Respectfully – there are certain situations when more skin is acceptable (a club, a beach, etc) however at most times men and women should cover themselves from their shoulders to their knees (arms are okay).

Should I tip?
In general we like to tip about 10-15 per cent when eating out – however, many restaurants have already added service charges to their bill. It’s also a nice touch to tip people like taxi drivers and petrol pump attendants.

How do I get around?
The easiest way is by taxi and most major areas are never short of them. If you’re in a more remote area call a cab on 04 208 0808 – but you will have to be able to describe where you are. Taxis are the most expensive option, but not as expensive as in many countries: to get from DIFC to Dubai Marina, for instance – which is a 20-minute drive without traffic – costs Dhs45. The cheaper, and sometimes just as easy option is the Dubai Metro, which now zig-zags across most of the city. One single journey will cost you from Dh1.8 to Dh6.5. Plan your route at

Can I eat pork anywhere?
Only in premises that have a specific pork license (distinct from an alcohol license). You can also buy pork in specially curtained-off sections of most big supermarkets.

Can you wear a swimming costume on the beach?
Yes. At a public beach we’d advise having a cover-up for when you walk around, but sunbathing and swimming in your ‘cossie’ is acceptable.

As a woman, can you drive in Dubai?
Absolutely, there are even pink taxis driven by women, for women (and their families).

Why is the driving so bad?
Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, and as such, driving styles. Standards are still far better than the rest of the GCC.

Am I expected to bargain at the souk?
In an actual souk, yes. In a mall souk, not so much.

Are non-Muslims allowed inside mosques?
As a general rule, no, however some mosques welcome visitors.

Can I have hops on the beach?
No, unless you’re at a beach bar.

Can you drink the tap water?
We don’t unless it’s boiled: it’s technically safe but water engineers have told us to opt for bottled water.

What time do the shops open and close?
In malls it’s generally 10am-10pm (midnight on weekends). Souks and many shops are the same, but close from 1pm-4pm.

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