Evanescence's Will Hunt in Dubai

We speak to drummer of multi-million-selling US rockers

Evanescence's Will Hunt in Dubai

What’s the state of Evanescence of 2012?
In 2012 we’re knee-deep in the middle of a world tour, going to all sorts of cool places we’ve never been before – like Dubai.

The reason we ask is you’ve had a shaky line-up – there’s only one founding member left and you’ve been in and out of the band yourself.
It’s not that I got out of it. There was downtime between the last tour and this record, and rather than sit back like some of the band, I stayed busy. Some people need the downtime and I respect that.

So why was there such a big gap between 2006 album The Open Door and last year’s Evanescence?
[Lead singer] Amy [Lee] has touched on this before. She’d devoted her whole life to the band since she was in high school, and she needed time to put her feet on the ground and rediscover who she was.
It was a longer break than we’d anticipated, but it worked out.

You’ve been in many bands – Dark New Day, Skrape, Static-X and Black Label Society, to name a few. How does Evanescence compare?
This is different because I feel more a part of it. I’m involved in the songwriting process more than in other bands. We make decisions together.

What’s Amy like as a boss?
For me, she’s awesome. It’s all about being professional – just get the job done. But we’re definitely more of a family. She’s more like a sister than a boss.

It must be different to working with Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee – didn’t you fill in for him on a Crüe tour in 2008?
Yes, definitely! But he’s really a consummate performer – he has a really inspired work ethic. If you asked me that question 12 years ago my answer might have been a bit different.

At the beginning everyone called Evanescence a ‘Christian rock band’.
When the label marketed Creed as a Christian band they were really successful, so they said, ‘Let’s try [the same] with Evanescence’. We are not a Christian rock band, first and foremost.

As a band, do you talk to each other about your faith?
We all have faith and things we believe in, but it’s not something we sit down and discuss.

Why do you think last year’s album failed to replicate the success of the first two?
The musical landscape is different to what it was five years ago. Evanescence did really well – it debuted at number one in the US Billboard Chart, which is huge. We’d all like to sell five million records [again], but so few bands do that – only pop bands – and I’d rather stay true to our roots.

Evanescence play Dubai World Trade Centre on Friday June 22 at 6pm. Dhs295-595, www.timeouttickets.com

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