ID deadline extended

ID card deadline extended to 2010 for expats.

The Knowledge

Chances are, you will have attempted to apply online ( There is also a fair possibility that, in doing so, your internet crashed several times and you began to lose the will to live.

If you were one of the lucky few that this didn’t happen to you should now have filled out the document in your posession. Remember, no hand written forms, it must be typed.

Once you have completed your application, print it off then book an appointment online to go and see someone at one of the the EIDA offices listed on their website. They will talk you through the form and send you on to the next stage. Be prepared to queue. Your appointment isn’t actually an appointment, it’s more of a rough idea of when you might get seen.

If you’re having issues with the website, there’s another option. It’s another queue-heavy one, unfortunately.

Head down to your nearest post office and pick up an official form and envelope. The form costs Dhs40 and you can only buy envelopes in batches of 25, although you can sometimes convince a kindly soul in the queue to sell you a single one – unless you’re planning to catch up on a few missives and would like a stash.

Next, fill in the application and put in envelope with the relevant additional paperwork – do not seal envelope and make sure your return address is filled in on the front. After this, take the envelope to the Post Office and queue up for your forms and accompanying documents to be checked and submitted.

Days/weeks later you will receive a message (either via phone or in your PO Box) detailing when your appointment with EIDA is scheduled to be (for finger prints, payment, checking off passport etc). Once that has taken place, your ID card will be sent to you.

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