Kylie and The Legends clean up Dubai

<em>T</em><em>ime Out</em> was in the front row for the Kylie Minogue concert and The Legends Rock Dubai tennis event. We even found time to clean up the beaches.

The wrap, The Knowledge

Last weekend saw Dubai’s biggest music event of the year thus far, starring the very littlest pop vixen, Kylie Minogue. Playing to a 14,000-strong, extremely flamboyant crowd, Festival Centre’s car park never looked so colourful as the Aussie superstar strutted her stuff in a series of sparkly, somewhat strange outfits. While a couple of moments seemed rather risqué for the region (had those men washed their pants on the wrong setting?), the show’s energy, visuals and sound were stunning. Even Kylie seemed moved by the emotion of it all (Botox permitting), veering from recent electro tracks to a closing, nostalgic ‘I Should Be So Lucky’. A feeling, no doubt, experienced by most of the men in attendance.

The Legends ‘Rock’ Dubai
Jim Courier walked away as winning tennis veteran this year, after a tense 6-3, 6-4 final with Stefan Edberg, securing the American tennis player the top spot in the Champions Outback Series. ‘It was a tough match,’ said Courier. ‘Stefan kept the pressure on.’ Roughly 2,000 fans a day watched the (still speedy) action each day.

Clean up Dubai
Last weekend hundreds of environment-concious people dragged themselves from their Friday lie-ins to take part in Dubai’s leg of global challenge Clean Up the World. And where did they focus? The beach next to Dubai’s Sailing Club, recently famed for its seawage leak. They didn’t do things by half. After collecting bags and bags of plastic, bottles and scrap of someone’s lino flooring, they left, sharing a sense of general well-being. Let’s hope the event will be held more often than just once a year.

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