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<em>Time Out Dubai</em>’s website has had a major redesign. Have a look around – we hope you like it.

The Knowledge

We’ve redesigned timeoutdubai.com and introduced some new features and functionality to your intelligent guide to life in Dubai. If you’re a regular visitor, welcome back. If you're new to the site we hope you will find it useful. After several years without so much as a click of paint we decided it was time to give Dubai the website it deserves. Dynamic, active and brimming with ideas for residents and tourists alike.

This is just a beta launch for now (that’s just a fancy way of saying we’re still working on it) so we need your feedback. This is a community website for the people of Dubai and we value your opinion. If you see anything that doesn’t quite work, or if you have any ideas or suggestions about what sort of thing you’d like to see click here to leave a comment. We can’t make the website without the help of our readers so please do get in touch. The feedback page is just one of the areas where we want your comments. If you disagree with any of our reviews or opinions let us know.

Did we get it totally wrong when reviewing your favourite restaurant? Why not leave a review and give a rating yourself? Look to our reviews section and you’ll find our opinions on more than 700 restaurants in Dubai. Check it out. What did we say about your favourite? Have a look and leave your own reviews. We will feature the best reader reviews in our restaurant newsletter every week.

You can also keep up-to-date with all of the news and daily happenings from around Dubai in our brand new section: The Knowledge. Anybody familiar with our print magazine will know this section and now it is available in a daily format online as well. Check it out to keep your finger on the pulse of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

You can also access our archives of the best interviews and features about Dubai from the past year by looking at any one of our specialist sections:

Art: Get the lowdown on the latest exhibitions and meet the artists keeping creativity alive in Dubai. Plus browse our gallery listings and find the cultural heartbeat of the emirate.

Bars & clubs: Don’t go out in Dubai without checking our venue guide first. We’ve been around the city’s best bars and nightspots in search of the coolest venues.

Body & Mind: Spa wars broke out when we first announced our body and mind team would be reviewing the best treatments, therapies and retreats in the city. But we’ve kept our heads and bring you the independent guide to the best ways to get fit and stay healthy in Dubai.

Community: Dubai is not all about going out and enjoying yourself. We’ve been speaking to the communities of Dubai and bring you a closer look at some of the expat groups living in the city. You can also use this section to find ideas about how to get involved with a charity organization in Dubai.

Kids: The indispensable guide to family activities and parenting in Dubai. We’ve included our features about the best days out for kids plus listings of dozens of venues to take your children.

Film: Find out what’s on at the cinema, read about the making of the best Hollywood and Bollywood movies and find out about the DVDs being released in Dubai.

Hotels: Want to stay in Dubai? Check out our guide to the best hotels and facilities in one of the world’s most popular holiday resorts.

Nightlife: The biggest DJs, the best bands and the behind the scenes stories from Dubai’s best club nights and parties. As well as browsing next weekend’s listings you can look back and enjoy the highlights of previous parties in our dance floor galleries.

Restaurants: Read reviews of restaurants and get advanced information of the best meal deals in town. Brows by neighbourhood, cuisine, price range and even experience to really find the dining style you want.

Sport & Outdoor: Get active and push yourself at one of Dubai’s numerous sporting venues. We’ve been out to meet the residents of Dubai that like to live life to the extreme.

There is just far too much going on to explain it all here. Browse through the site and find the Dubai that you want to enjoy. Whether you are a foodie, a film buff or a full on party animal we’ve got something on the site for you.

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