20 best sounds in Dubai

<em>Time Out</em>'s guide to the best ways to enrich the senses in Dubai continues with a look a look at our favourite sounds in the city.

The Knowledge

1 The sound of trickling fountains in the garden of Splendido at the Ritz (04 399 4000).

2 The chorus of calls to prayer from the path alongside the Creek.

3 Dubai Eye’s Open Mic show for being brave enough to play new music.

4 The gentle chugging of abras.

5 Birds twittering in the early morning through an open window, now the cooler weather’s here.

6 The sound of silence in the desert.

7 General hubbub on any public beach.

8 The hum of voices and clinking glasses in a restaurant that has managed to get the acoustics just right.

9 A guitar strumming at sundown at a beach bar.

10 The lapping of waves against the side of a boat anchored offshore on a lazy weekend afternoon.

11 The buzz of activity around Bur Dubai’s dozens of street restaurants.

12 The gurgling of a sucked hookah pipe.

13 The Irish Village bar staff cheerfully shouting at their customers. Always entertaining (04 282 4750).

14 ‘Tell me’: the sound of a non-native English speaker simply cutting to the chase.

15 The sounds coming from Festival City recently, during its run of international music acts.

16 Fireworks. Especially when they’re exploding all over the Palm, and are the most spectacular batch set off in history.

17 Horses’ hooves on the track at Dubai Racing Club. (04 327 0077)

18 The sound of a friendly watchman, wishing you good evening every night without fail.

19 The whirr of a golf buggy as it speeds up the jetty towards 360°. (04 406 8744)

20 Bubbles hitting the surface in one of Plastik club’s Jacuzzis. (02 562 9100)

And the ones we can’t wait to end…

1 Mobile phones ringing and conversations at the cinema.

2 Feral cats wailing at night.

3 The jingles played on a certain phone company’s customer service line, as you wait about 10 years to speak to an agent.

4 The sound of 20 cars beeping their horns in a traffic jam. If the first 18 horns didn’t shift the guy in front, why will yours suddenly work?

5 Construction. At night. Outside your window.

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