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Thought the whole ID card debacle was over until 2010, for expats at least? Think again. Here’s the latest

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Whether you need to start worry-ing about registering or not for an ID card all depends on what job you do. While the deadline for registration, if you’re an expatriate resident, is the end of 2010, to ease the flow of applications the Emirates Identity Authority is prioritising four different groups for registration.

The first consists of residents working in the federal and local government sector, and professional residents (diploma-degree holders) working in the fields of accountancy and auditing, consultancy, education, engineering, investments, IT and computers, journalism, law, marketing, media, medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical, public relations liaising (PRO), and sales. They can apply now and should get their applications in by the end of February 2009.

Residents and their families in Group 2, which covers administrative and craft-working industries including oil, gas, industrial, banks, insurance, tourism, hotel and restaurant industries, shipping, typing, translation and secretaries, storekeepers, receptionists, athletes and – breathe – students, will be able to register from March 1, 2009 for three months, until June 18, 2009.

Those in Group 3, which covers residents who are unskilled workers in the private sector and their families – including housemaids, cleaners, farmers, fishermen, private and public transport, security guards, watchmen and all other announced working fields expect Group 1, will have from June 20 until September 30, 2009.

Group 4 covers all construction workers in the private sector. They will be able to register from Oct. 1, 2009 to Dec.30, 2010.

See or or call 600 523 432 for more

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