YOUR Dubai rain pictures

We asked our Twitter followers to send in their rainy pics – and this is what you came up with

The Knowledge

If you’ve looked out the window today, you might have noticed Dubai has been struck by a spot of rain.

But even if you’ve had the curtains firmly drawn, it’s highly likely you have got wind (sorry) of the rain by now, simply by the sheer volume of social media posts about it – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have all been flooded (again, sorry) with Dubaians sharing their rainy snaps.

We asked our readers to tweet their rain-stained pics to @TimeOutDubai – and these are some of the best.

Didem Kuru ‏@didikuru
@TimeOutDubai JLT, rain :)

Patrick Wynn ‏@AllIDoisWynn77 3h
@TimeOutDubai @MontgomerieDxb rainy day on the links #dubairain

AhmeDUBijad ‏@ahmeDUBijad 3h
#dubairain in the #Greens #ihavenothingbettertodothantotakepicturesoftherainfrommyroom @TimeOutDubai

brunches & bullfrogs ‏@dubaiexpatlife

Rajesh Kumar ‏@sixtydn 49s
#VSCOcam #dubairain @TimeOutDubai

Ajmilistic ‏@ajmilistic2000 3h
@TimeOutDubai #dubairain

The_Man ‏@blueaviator75 3h
@TimeOutDubai #dubairain you don't really see it, but it's there! Glad I am on days off! Even the Palm is in rain!

Athina Simeonidou @athensbyday

Harvey Martis ‏@harveymartis 4h
@TimeOutDubai #DubaiRain from Business Central tower

Austyn Allison ‏@maustyn 4h
I'm famous! @TimeOutDubai has recognised my photographic genius: … @MagnumPhotos if you'd like to join the queue...

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