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Expert tips to save without cutting back

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Financial advisor Keren Bobker reveals her top tips for winding up better off over the next 12 months

1 When you get home each evening, empty your small change into a jar. Even if this is just coins and Dhs5 notes, the amount will soon build up, and you’ll have saved up money without evening realising.

2 Generic or store’s own medicines are usually identical to big brand names, so have a chat with the pharmacist and see if a generic one is the same but at a lower price. Like Carrefour, supermarket chain Spinneys is now also doing its own range of a variety of products (including tinned vegetables) which often trump popular brands on prices.

3 Want to arrange a big night out but can’t afford to pay full whack? If you’re heading out en-masse, consider going midweek as you may be able to negotiate a discount with a venue. Nothing to lose by asking.

4 Love books? The stores can be pricey so look for second hand, either at specialist stores, charity shops or book sales for organisations such as Feline Friends (050 451 0058), which holds events twice a month.

5 Take a look at your TV package. Are you paying for loads of channels you never watch? Internet you never use? If so, consider a more basic, cheaper package.

6Consider recycling unwanted gifts throughout the year – though sensitively, so you don’t cause offence. Re-gift to someone else later on to save yourself the cost of buying something, or sell them on Many Dubai neighbourhoods now have online Facebook communities – join yours and you might be able to sell on to other members.

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