The cheapest cities in the world revealed

Time Out weighs up some everyday products across the globe

The Knowledge

A McDonald’s Big Mac
London: Dhs15.63
New York: Dhs14.65
Beijing: Dhs10.03
Cyprus: Dhs15.02
Tokyo: Dhs11.25
Los Angeles: Dhs15.38

A packet of cigarettes
London: Dhs36
New York: Dhs55
Beijing: Dhs12.10
Cyprus: Dhs23
Tokyo: Dhs14
Sydney: Dhs58

A regular cappuccino
London: Dhs16
New York: Dhs14.50
Beijing: Dhs15.80
Cyprus: Dhs15.50
Tokyo: Dhs16
Sydney: Dhs11.30

A 500ml glass of hops
London: Dhs22 (pint, 570ml)
New York: Dhs23 plus Dhs3.60 tip
Beijing: Dhs18
Tokyo: Dhs19
Sydney: Dhs22

The Verdict
As the UAE continues to roll out anti-tobacco laws, we wonder how long it will be before smokers here have to fork out as much as their American, European and Australian counterparts, who pay up to almost six times as much. Meanwhile, Dubai is among the top three most affordable places for fast food among those compared – the price of a Big Mac in the UAE (Dhs12) is cheaper than cities such as London and New York.

All prices were converted using Exchange rates fluctuate daily.

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