AC Milan versus Hamburg SV

The game of the year? We look back.

The wrap, The Knowledge

Never, ever has a friendly foot-ball match ignited so much hype in Dubai. But then it’s not everyday that we get to watch AC Milan megastars Ronaldinho, Paulo Maldini, Kaka and, lest we forget the team’s temporary addition, David Beckham (with his Mrs sitting in the wings).

So did both teams put on their best for their Mexican waving audience? Despite the slow, evidently injury-wary play – no doubt due to the game’s non-league status –they certainly fed us a few treats. First, or rather, finally, in the second half (once Beckham and four other stars had come off), Ronaldinho marked the score sheet with a penalty. Soon after, Colin Benjamin replied, putting the German team level.

A penalty shoot-out then ended the spectacle, with Milan just edging it 5-4. All in all, it was a jolly good show with a classically nailbiting conclusion – and just about worth the traffic getting in and out.

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