How to sew a button

You don't need to throw away that shirt for no reason

The Knowledge

Materials you will need:
• Hand-sewing needle

• Thread to match the button or fabric

• Scissors

• Straight pin, another needle or a tooth pick to use as a spacer, which will provide the lift for the button hole and fabric under the button

• A button

1 Thread and double knot your needle. Place the needle into the fabric so that the knot ends up on the back of the fabric.

2 Make a couple of stitches in the fabric where the button is to be located to anchor the thread. Lay the button on the place you will be attaching it.

3 Bring the needle up through the button. Lay the straight pin, needle or toothpick on top of the button. Take the thread over the top of the straight pin, needle or toothpick and bring your needle and thread back down through the button.

4 Repeat step three to make about six stitches over the straight pin, needle or toothpick to anchor your button.

5 For a button with four holes, simply repeat the above steps for the other two holes.

6 Bring the needle and thread to the back of the fabric and knot the thread in the threads that have sewn the button to the garment. Then cut the thread.

7 Remove the straight pin, needle or tooth pick and snug the button to the loops of thread by tugging the button.

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